20 Jan 2009


It’s said that water is the source of life. Which explains why nature through its incredible processes, makes water pure. But what if there was a way to make pure water better – to make pure water perfect?

BIO PURE KEN System – the perfect, most advanced R.O. purification system that removes virtually ALL types of contaminants – including those other systems leave behind – for Water Made Perfect.

Product Name : ELKEN Bio Pure

Reverse Osmosis water purifier which is consist of four stages of purification process, produced under American – Japanese technological co-operation.

Product Introduction :

What is Reverse Osmosis (RO)? Reverse Osmosis is a process in which water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane by applying very strong pressure. Therefore only the fine water molecules will pass through the membrane. All the contaminants such as bacteria, virus, herbicide, heavy metals and chemical poison will be removed. With added special features, the actual pure water will then be collected in the container and dirty water with impurities will be discharged.

Since our first purifier was rolled out from our factory, it has gained tremendous respond from both domestically and in the export markets. Through our continuous improvement process, the product quality has gained wide acceptance by our Customers and until today, we have produced and sold more than 100 000th unit purifiers to the market.

Our RO water purifier (Bio Pure), proven to be the safest and produces the purest drinking water, is free from all contaminants, organic molecules, mineral, toxins, heavy metals, virus and bacteria. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, medical and industrial applications in the U.S.A. Even the U.S army and NASA are using the same process for obtaining the drinking water.

Our counter top RO purifier consists of 4-stage filtration, majority of the components are imported from U.S.A and there are all conforming to the FDA and NSF requirements. The design of the purifier comes with a 10 litres water storage tank, no prior boiling of the water is required and the filtered water can be consumed immediately.

Stages of Purification Process

Bio Pure R.O. Water Purifier
4 Stages Of Purification Process

1. First Filter

2. Second Filter


5 micron filter


Compressed granulate form of activated carbon


To filter impurities like:


To filter impurities like:





Organic compounds



Bleaching agent




3. Third Filter

4. Fourth Filter


Superb R.O. membrane of 0.0001 micron


High quality carbon filter


To filter impurities like:


To filter impurities like:





Heavy metal (arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury etc)

Metal ion


Residual organic compounds

Ensure the water quality

19 Jan 2009

Product Indication :

1. Use under 240 voltages (V), 50 Hertz (Hz) and 1500 Watt (W).

2. Do not place beside radioactive substances such as microwave.
3. Avoid letting the water to flow without switching on the switch.
4. Constantly washes the filter with solution provided to maintain the affectivity.

Recomended consumption

1. Ideal to drink after 30 minutes.
2. Ideal to drink with an empty stomach.

3. No need to boil the R.O water.
4. For adult, consume at least 1.5 litres a day.
5. For child, consumes at least 1.0 litre a day.Best consume early in the morning and before bed.

"Enriching lives together"
Elken...Our Brand...
Lets know more about it!!
Since 1995, ELKEN has been helping millions of people realize their dreams. They have established a network that spans the international arena and also manages their operations professionally in strict accordance with the world-class ISO: 9001 certification.

The extensive ELKEN network represents a mutually beneficial partnership of more than 300,000 enthusiastic independent distributors in 7 countries, with more partners joining them every day. Significantly, the amazing ELKEN marketing plan enables a distributor to accrue wealth and health faster than any other.

Through ELKEN, you will have unlimited opportunities to capture a market as big as the world of more than 1,352 million people. The ELKEN network is truly a proven avenue to the lifestyle you aspire.

ELKEN offers a broad spectrum of product across 5 distinct product lines such as personal care and cosmetics, nutritional and health, food and beverages, household and auto care, and other exclusive consumer items.

As we move forward together with our distributors into the rough uncharted seas of the 21st century, ELKEN’s vision is still firmly grounded in our belief that every person can take control of his or her life if he or she is given the right knowledge and opportunity. And such freedom comes from true mental and spiritual growth.

Here we have our brand’s promise to our customers. For 13 year, ELKEN has been working with you to realize your dreams. Dreams of happiness, good health, financial security, more time with family and the opportunity to give back to society. All the time enhancing our people skills, public speaking and product knowledge. We have built each other up to the best we can and we continue to do so.
Today, more than ever, we feel the need to reach out the world that together can all live more fulfilled, more meaningful and happier lives.

Company’s Introduction:

Narisia Sdn. Bhd. was established in Janua
ry 1996. It began as a joint venture company between Elken Sdn.Bhd; Naris Cosmetics Co., Ltd Japan and AIM Water Inc.,Japan in the field of manufacturing Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier. In the year 1998, Narisia has been accepted to be the member of the Water Quality Association (WQA), a world-wide organization providing central services to its members for issues related to the water quality/standard. In the year of 2001, Narisia Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier has been validated and awarded by the Gold Seal, a world-wide recognition for products tested to the Water Quality Association (WQA) equipment validation standards and to the ANSI/NSF drinking water treatment unit standards. In the year 2000 Narisia Sdn. Bhd. was certified as ISO 9001:2000 compliant. In 2006, the company changed its name to ELKEN BIOPURE Sdn. Bhd. and is now a stand alone company that manufactures Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers. It is still the first and only company in Malaysia to produce RO water purifiers.
We have our own mission. ELKEN BIOPURE Sdn. Bhd. (Formerly Known As Narisia Sdn. Bhd.) aspires to be the market leader in the field of RO water purifier manufacturing. We believe in maintaining our lone. Every employee in ELKEN BIOPURE Sdn. Bhd. (Formerly Known As Narisia Sdn. Bhd.) is committed to produce high quality RO water purifiers through adherence to a carefully engineered system of checks and controls that encompass every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the incoming raw material inspection to the final finished products’-term obligations with our Customers, shareholders, employees, trading partners and communities.
We believe strongly that through our commitment to quality, we can win the trust and loyalty from our Customers. To provide our Customers with total reliability in our products, we have invested in the most advanced production techniques to ensure our production standard is consistent and that only finished products of the highest quality are delivered to our Customers.
Company Vision
"Enriching Lives Together"

The name ELKEN is synonymous with innovation, quality and aspiration. ELKEN's vision of a better tomorrow is driven by the aspiration of our distributors and the trust of millions of consumers around the world who use our products every day. We share their dream to live a fuller life. While sharing the rewards of ELKEN's innovative technological advances in health and beauty care, we also provide a rewarding global business opportunity for those who dare to follow their dreams.

As we move forward together with our distributors into the rough uncharted seas of the 21st century, ELKEN's vision is still firmly grounded in our belief that every person can take control of his or her life if he or she is given the right knowledge and opportunity. And such freedom comes from true mental and spiritual growth.

At ELKEN we believe in knowledge empowerment. Success in the ELKEN business requires the development of skills, and continuous self-improvement and commitment. In the mature market that we operate, more than 2,000 ISO-registered skill enhancement training sessions and events are conducted every year to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit and full potential in our distributors, who come from diverse strata of society. Access to our training is limited only by the desire to grow. Besides economic independence, ELKEN is able to grant our distributors a sense of self-actualisation.

We also believe in fostering unity in work and life regardless of status, race and belief, thereby creating a truly Global ELKEN Community. Our belief is that unity among ELKENIENS will bring about immense development, growth and prosperity in the most harmonious manner. It has been repeatedly proven that only through team spirit unity we are able to unleash the power of duplication, from individual to individual, network to network and country to country, hence making ELKEN a truly global business opportunity for all.

Create the life of abundance, freedom and meaning you've been searching for through ELKEN. Because ELKEN is much more than just product and opportunity. It is a culture and a passion for life.

Company Mission:

"To be a leading global direct-selling organization providing opportunities, quality products, services and knowledge"

Core Values:

We have high standards and we offer value to our customers by providing them with high quality products, extraordinary service at a fair price. We define quality by evaluating the ingredients, freshness, safety, taste, nutritive value and appearance of all of the products we carry.

We will continually work to enhance the quality of the products and services that we offer through our unceasing commitment to improve the value proposition to our customers and to do it right the first time.

In our pursuit for excellence, we have a passion for continual quality improvement to create new value by aiming high, demonstrating a pioneering spirit, and consistently striving for greater achievements.

Integrity is our hallmark of wholeness, personally and professionally. We earn our reputation by adhering to the highest ethical standards and conduct as we work consciously to uphold trustworthiness and business ethics to meet the needs of those we serve.

We place fairness, honesty, and objectivity at the forefront as we assess our own policies, practices, and behaviors to ensure that we make credible the actions taken to enhance quality improvement in both our brand value and promise to all our stakeholders.

At Elken, we are committed to a diverse workplace that respects and values all of the unique characteristics of our employees, stakeholders and the community we operate in. We recognize that diversity is an asset that improves working relationships and productivity.

Respect for each other and warmly embracing these differences is the basis of our collaborative success. We seek to discover the extraordinary in each other to enable us to attract and retain the highest caliber people to meet and surpass corporate goals.

We respect our environment and recycle, reuse, and reduce our waste wherever and whenever we can. Managing with respect is critical to our continued success and to our goal of Becoming the MLM of Choice in this industry.

Our unique Heart2Heart business philosophy distinguishes us to be the best above the rest. At Elken we are passionate to provide our employees and stakeholders with high-quality experiences and innovative solutions. We go to great lengths to satisfy and delight our customers.

With passion in our hearts, we endeavor to serve our customers competently, efficiently and knowledgeably. Being passionate inspire us to constantly create new value for the organization's stakeholders and keep us focused on leading the organization to new dimensions of performance.

Our passion to do well is matched by our desire to do good. We believe the best way to achieve those parallel goals is to harmoniously align our business and global citizenship strategies. We celebrate success and see failures as opportunities for growth while always welcoming change as an opportunity for improvement.

Elken values and embraces a broad vision of health and wealth encompassing physical, emotional, social, economic, environmental and intellectual well-being for citizens of all ages and life circumstances.

In subscribing to the new Vision, Mission and Core Values, we believe we are able to fulfill a dream of the many people who look upon us as an opportunity provider to have a better quality of live than ever before.

Hand in hand, your heart in mine, we shall leave a part of us as a tribute and a lasting legacy to our future generation.


Our Company Achievement...
Since commencing business in 1995, ELKEN has chalked up an enviable record of milestones in corporate growth, expansion, manufacturing, research and development, product excellence, people development and distributor success, to name a few aspects. With the support of our loyal customers, distributors, staff and business associates, we are confident of achieving further milestones, not only in the ELKEN business arena, but also in reaching out to people and for the people whose lives have been touched by ELKEN in one way or another.
In 1997, ELKEN had earned Top Ten status among Malaysian Direct Selling Companies, as reported in “Today “magazine. ELKEN Singapore Pte.Ltd was established.

In 1998, ELKEN became the First Direct Selling Companies to be accredited ISO 9002 certification.

In 2003, ELKEN has been chosen to be Top 5 Best People Developers. At the same years, the ISO 9002 certification has been upgrade to ISO 9001. ELKEN then listed in Malaysian Book of Records. Others are, ELKEN was awarded with International Honesty enterprise Keris Award and Outstanding Entrepreneur award.

In 2004, ELKEN again receiving award of Asia Pacific e-Entrepreneur award and also having 5S practises certification.

Registered address:
Bedford Business ParkNo 1-1, Jalan 3/137B, Batu 5Jalan Klang Lama 58000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone Number: 03 7984 3669 / 03 7980 5515
Website: www.elkenbiopure.com.my
E-mail: info@elkenbiopure.com
Local Branches:
Elken Service Seberang Jaya, Prai
Elken Service Pulau Pinang, Pulau Pinang Elken Service Johor Bahru, Johor
Elken Service Melaka, Melaka
Elken Service Ipoh, Perak
Elken Service Sibu, Sarawak
Elken Service Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Elken Service Brunei, Brunei
Elken Service Singapore, Singapore